Serbia United Against Online Gambling-Will Block Internet Sites

Serbia has come down hard on the rampant flourishing so called illegal online gambling web sites available to punters in the country. Regulations were imposed last year to curtail the unauthorized web sites but to no avail. The people still had a plethora of online casinos to access so the government agency The Serbian Gaming Board has taken sharp measures to curb the activity by demanding ISP’s block as many as 70 online wagering web sites.

Serbian news source Blic reports that  bwin,, Oddsmaker, Bet at home, 888sports, Bet fair, getwin,, 888poker, and William Hill are all on the Serbian blacklist of offenders. The Serbian Gaming Board’s director, Aleksandar Vulovic, said that it would “control online gaming” whilst at the same time “allow electronic monitoring of operators.” back in 2011 when the new tax oriented regulations came into effect. Vulovic commented to Blic “We had to prevent access to illegal sites in order to have a regulated market, with leading players who will operate under the law and allow the state will reap the benefits. Currently online gambling is one of the most profitable industries and it is estimated that the revenue will double by 2013. It is simply wrong that the state does not collect a penny of the millions from the sector,”

JAKATA a Serbian gaming organization representing, operators, technicians and games manufacturers is in full support of the Gaming Board’s IP censorship plan, saying, it will give some strength to the country’s recently adopted gambling act. Operators have not applied for proper Serbian online gambling licenses saying the terms are too long and the market small and crowded.

The Serbian President Mirjana Acimovic has even weighed in on the issue making her pro regulation views known and encouraging the operators to do business in the correct fashion even though it is found internet blocking doesn’t work but at least the government is giving it a shot.


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