Building a leadership position on social responsibility

Mirjana Acimovic, Euromat leader in Social Responsibility in Gaming is talking about further plans and actions toward Euromat leadership position in social responsibility.
Our social responsibility in gaming report Playing Fair gives members a valuable overview of existing industry initiatives on social responsibility and sets out industry principles that EUROMAT members adhere to. The report was promoted in the media and by members of the Social Responsibility in Gaming Committee through bilateral meetings with MEPs and other national stakeholders.
Addressing social responsibility is an on-going challenge. The last 12 months have seen further regulatory upheaval in several European markets, many of these changes were introduced by national governments on the basis of player protection. Demonstrating our ability to act responsibility therefore remains vital if we are to retain our licence to operate.

2016 objective
Build our leadership position on social responsibility so that we are increasingly recognised as a thoughtful and expert organisation on this issue.

2016 tactics
Expert group on social responsibility: Establish a EUROMAT expert group on social responsibility comprising 4 industry leaders from diverse markets. The group will be launched at the EUROMAT Gaming Summit in Barcelona with a mandate to establish workable principles that the industry should promote to strengthen social responsibility.
Follow up to Playing Fair: In April of this year it will be 12 months since we launched our social responsibility in gaming report with an accompanying pledge setting out some basic principles which members agreed to adhere to. To remain credible we must show that this pledge is being implemented by members. In Q1 of this year we will collect information from members on their own social responsibility initiatives over the course of the last year; based on this information the Secretariat will draft a compliance report which we can share with key stakeholders.