Raise awareness of social responsibility in games of chance

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce organized on 12th of October 2017 the conference “Social Responsibility in Gaming”, where regulators, the community and representatives of the gaming industry discussed ways of solving the problem of increasing access to games of chance for young people.

12-10-2017 Drustvena odgovornost u igrama na srecu

“It may seem to young people that games of chance are a shortcut to success, and it really is not. Gambling and betting in regulated conditions is just one of the kind of entertainment that needs to be treated, “said Jelena Jovanović, secretary of the Association for Electronic Communications and Information Society in Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
She emphasizes that juveniles need to be protected, raising the social awareness and responsibility of all – both societies,regulators, parents and gaming organizers.

The head of the Expert Group on the Implementation of the Applicable Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Games of Chance EU Mirjana Acimovic pointed out that the global problem is the exaggerated exposure of young games of chance.

It is necessary, as she pointed out, to determine whether it is necessary to improve regulation, how to improve control and measures of social protection and implement EU initiatives, which have for long time been insisting on protecting the young population.

Financial director of Grand Casino Belgrade Brankica Trajković believes that everyone must work jointly on social responsibility – from the state to the organizers.
Trajkovic says that the Grand Casino has made a retirement for young people, and that marketing activities do not address the younger population at all.

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