JAKTA Association of gaming operators , authorized technicians and producer of slot machines and equipment for games of chance. It was established on 19th of august 2005, and has 31 members. According to statute and also based on the main idea that started the foundation of this Association – a condition for becoming Association member is having  legal business according to the Law of valid games of chance Law. The goal is to secure the best possible work conditions for the providers of legal games as well as raising standard in this field in order to approach Europe and the rest of the world. When terms have been acquired and when legal bodies realized how much money is at stake, a new Law considering games of chance was brought  in July 2004. There was a need to establish an association that will also be a service provider and producer. It would secure the best possible work conditions in cooperation with gamers’ Board and with Ministry of Finance.
If we take into consideration the official info from the Board, we will come to a conclusion that there currently are approximately 21000 slot machines, 14500 of which operate in the framework of JAKTA Association, representing almost 70% of total legal slot machines. There are approximately 1760 betting places in Serbia, 640 of which belong to Jakta members. Almost four billion dinars have been paid as reimbursements for licenses and organization by the Association. This amount does not count purchase tax which is paid when certain amount is crossed.
Association is joined by new members on a daily basis so attitudes, suggestions and decisions of Jakta Association, apropos its members, must be taken into consideration when bringing new legal and sub legal acts.
Jakta Associations is primarily dealing with slot machine and betting problems, as well as with authorized services that received licenses for technical equipment overview. The tendency is that Ministry of Finance, Game of Chance’s Board, and Institute for measures and precious metals acknowledge the importance of this activity, also to professionally address a problematic that is very complex, so that everyone can profit, and that society can have more benefits and material goods in general.
Association has a prepared a study and long-term plan for skilled and professional cooperation with authorized institutions so that this important activity can bring much more profit, in legal terms naturally.Members of Jakta believe in securing a responsible gaming environment. Our motto is clear: “Controlled game – good fun!”
We represent a responsible organization and we are regularly informing ourselves what producers and organizers do in this matter. Our wish is that our customers enjoy their gaming experiences in the slot clubs and in payment localities, so we appeal in many ways that participants act smart in games, as well as in the framework of their budget.
We maintain honest, fair and secure gaming entertainment and build long term relation with our gamers. Our members provide our gamers their gaming history. The latest slot machines enable replay of the last game to remove any dilemma of any gains or losses would happen or not. Slot machines are produced in such a way that enables you to see all adjustments, even the common opening and closing of its doors. Every player can also see all bets, exact date and time of placing them, bet amount , gains and other game details. Financial transactions history shows all previous payment and receipts from player’s account. You can access all these options at any time in our clubs.
Jatka member provide many ways in conducting and enabling amusing environment for playing. They have also installed certain controls that prohibit players under 18, and they have trained personnel to conduct responsible gaming thesis. All available games are completely fair, gains and possibility of winning is clearly marked. All winners are regularly paid.
All these facts bring us to a conclusion that the Jakta organizer’s Association should be an important factor in future creation of legal regulations in which they will act as professionally and responsibly as possible.

Mirjana Acimovic

President of Association

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