Main goals

Corporation with domestic and foreign companies, professionals and associations in the area of gaming industry.
Protection of interests of legal companies, associations and providing healthy and legal business environment.
Providing help in raising standard of gaming industry in Serbia supporting development of the production, trade and activity of game operators.
Working on improving and enhancing image and prestige of all our members and Serbian gaming industry in general and in front of international organizations and institutions in the area of gaming industry.
Supporting and helping our members to establish their business in Serbia and in other countries also.
Supporting our members by ensuring sharing of information, both between themselves and with other professionals and organizations within the country and abroad if they are of general interests and in addition of legal gaming business.
Providing support for the harmonization of Serbian gaming industry legislation with the relevant European regulations and legislative standards.
Monitoring the strict observance of legal requirements in gaming industry by our members and the avoidance of actions that could discredit the Serbian gaming industry and the Association’s good reputation with governmental and foreign institutions, organizations, business partners etc.
Working towards the introduction and implementation of unified standards in gaming industry and their harmonization with world standards.
Working work for enhancement of professional attitudes and relations in the gaming industry.
Supporting and actively working on strengthening of society awareness and preventing problematic and pathological gambling, assisting to relevant governmental and private organizations, and providing competent support and information.
Helping to our members in protecting and preventing violations of their rights regarding intellectual property for products related to gaming industry.
Providing assistance for improving the current legal framework in Serbia and working on public relations for improvement of image in the area of gaming industry within Serbia and abroad.
Providing representation and protection of the Association’s members rights
Providing better conditions for gaming operation in Serbia
Rising standards in gaming industry in Serbia
Cooperation with Serbian Government and other Institutions, synergy with Ministry of Finance and Chamber of commerce for benefit of providing good amusement for players and fair conditions for Gaming Companies
Prevent of pathological gambling